Friday, 28 September 2012

Blu Jazz Cafe

It has been a long time since I dropped by to have a meal at Blu Jazz Cafe. I had the lunch set the previous time I came by which was really eons ago so I cannot remember much of it except that the food was good and the lunch set was of great value. 

Thus I was reasonably excited to swing by for dinner last week with my jc classmates. When we reached at about 8pm, all the customers were seated in the outdoor seating area so we chose the sofa seats inside instead. Blu Jazz is decorated to look more like a bar than anything but the place still feels nice and laid back all the same.

I ordered the Grilled Creole Chicken and when it was served, my friend commented immediately that the dish looked oily. True enough, the grilled vegetables, potato wedges and grilled chicken were all sitting in a pool of oil. For that much calories and potential artery blockage, the food had better be good and thankfully, it did not disappoint. The grilled vegetables and potato wedges were great and tasty. The grilled chicken was done pretty well, with herbs and spices sprinkled on top. However, only the top portion of the chicken drizzled with the sauce was delicious. The bottom half did not absorb the essence of the sauce and tasted kind of bland.

Blu Jazz is a great place for dinner with friends, where you can sit back and have a nice catch up session. It is not too noisy on a weekday night and you can sit around comfortably in the sofa seats and chat away happily. 

To get to Blu Jazz, you can take the MRT to Bugis MRT station. Exit from the exit leading to Raffles Hospital and cross the road from Raffles Hospital to Golden Landmark. Turn right and walk straight down towards Bali Lane. Continue walking along the road and you will reach Blu Jazz at the end after all the touts for shisha. 

11 Bali Lane

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